#12: Throw a Party

This is part of our 100 Things in 2014 challenge. Here’s the full list.

Earlier this year, we threw a Cards Against Humanity (warning: this link may not be for you if you are a decent human being) party. And it was good. And we had so much fun we took zero photos. So we had to throw another one, this time with a theme: “Attack of the Holiday Finery” – don’t limit yourselves to ugly sweaters. Here’s the banner for our Facebook event:


20 awesome people showed up! We had to use every chair in our house, but we managed to seat them all. (We spent $45 at the dollar store for decorations and supplies.)

Oh, we also set up a photo booth, so everyone’s outfit could be properly recorded for posterity. It should be noted that the inimitable Dorothy Jenson is to be blamed/credited for helping with our outfits; mine is a 1970’s-vintage Pendleton ladies’ pantsuit (with some minor alterations), and Becky’s is a Frankensteined tree-skirt-and-90’s-velour-dress-plus-christmas-decor number. Enjoy!

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