#69: Kid/Parent Retreats

We think it’s important to have a personal relationship with each of our children. So every year we try to set aside a weekend for one-on-one time with each of them. This year, Will and I stayed home and Becky and Lucy went somewhere fun.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

Will and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy (which he loved), visited Fort Vancouver and Pearson Air Museum (which he loved), went to the hobby shop to pick out a new model car for him to build (which he loves doing), packed up the outdoor furniture in bags for storage in the garage (which he did not love), went to OMSI for the Tutankhamun exhibit (which he loved, but then got bored of because I insisted on reading all the placards), and went to the Storm City Roller Girls’ last bout of the season (which he loved).

I took Lucy and her friend Gracie for a 3-day weekend out in Manzanita. Gracie was an excellent adventure companion, and Lucy and I really enjoyed having her along. We ate new things, explored the beach, bought new books at the local bookshop. The best part of the weekend was learning that our friend and her daughter were also in town! We all joined forces and explored even further afield. The five of us had such a great and gorgeous weekend. I was so happy for the chance to get to know both Gracie and my friend better.


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