Science Fair & Open House

Class Academy holds a Science Fair each spring and this year Will was old enough for his first submission!  He set out to answer whether or not worms can tell the difference between left and right. He came up with the procedure, built his arena, and photographed and recorded his results:

On Science Fair Night he set up and presented his project to everyone who came by! He really enjoyed the whole process and is looking forward to next year.

At the same time as the Science Fair, Lucy was showing off her skills as a Polar Bear at the Lower School Open House.  She is doing so well with her promotion and showed off all kinds of fun games and lessons. Her teacher is fantastic with music and dancing and all the kids lovingly refer to him as “silly Mr. Cannon”.


One thought on “Science Fair & Open House

  1. Two top notch kiddo’s there. They have a christain school here, but it only goes to the 4th grade. So what to do when there is no other choice but public?// Your so blessed to be able to educate them this way

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