Summer Break, Week 2

The kids spend the second week of their summer break down in Salem having a GREAT time!  4th of July happened during this week so there was much celebrating and stars and stripes.


We spent some of that time out at the Beach House relaxing, working, and starting to plan for our upcoming kitchen remodel!


Surprise!  There’s a 4th of July parade that goes right in front of the beach house!


The weather has been very warm and our 107 year old house is not able to handle this.  Ben rigged us up a swamp cooler to blow into the office.  The dogs enjoyed having another drinking source:


We held a joint family birthday party at the end of the break down in Hubbard.  It was casual and fun!


For our final summer break day (which was Will’s actual birthday) we took the kids and their saved allowances AND some birthday money (most went into their savings accounts) to Toys R Us!


Lucy loves to help with dinner:


Her and I popped over to the local creative toy store to pick out a couple gifts for Will:


He was very pleased to open up a “make your own” superball kit!


The other kit was more involved and over the next week he built a volcano, painted it, and then when it was dry made it erupt!


He still claims it was “the best birthday EVER”.  We’ll take it.

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