#80: Lord of the Rings Marathon

We’re huge fans of the Bagginses. We have really nice leather-bound copies of all the books on our bookshelf, and we’re planning on reading them to the kids when they’re old enough.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2017 challenge. Here’s the full list.

Both of us super loved the Lord of the Rings movies when they came out, and watched the extended editions as soon as they were released on DVD. But it’s been quite a while for both of us, and it was time to get our fix.

So we picked a Saturday, lined up all three movies, and started to watch around 9am. We had both forgotten how good these films are – from the script to the props to the photography to how perfectly it was cast, this is a triumph of filmmaking, and a great homage to an amazingly popular book. Becky cried at least 5 times – sometimes because of the emotions, and sometimes because the lighting was just so beautiful.

There’s about 12 hours of screen time from start to finish, and we took a few breaks, so we ended up finishing around 11:30pm. Here’s what our viewing area looked like, with Becky’s sewing project to one side, and the pups right on top of us.

What’s also nice is that Fellowship of the Ring is #50 on the AFI Top 100 list, so this also counts towards our AFI challenge!

This was great, but it was a lot of sitting. Don’t expect us to do this every year. But maybe every 10 might be doable.

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