Munson Creek Falls State Park

Munson Creek Falls is a little park tucked away just south of Tillamook. We’re always on the lookout for state parks we haven’t visited whenever we’re in a new area, and while we were staying in Bay City, we spotted this one.

This is part of our Oregon State Park challenge! Check out our progress here.

It’s a short ¼-mile hike to the foot of the falls – or, as we discovered, to the place where the trail is closed because of a deadfall. It’s scenic, though, and usually uncrowded.

Interestingly enough, Becky had taken Will here in 2013! He’s so little in these photos! Also, it looks like the end of the trail was closed then, too!

It’s a nice little hike if you’re passing through and need to stretch your legs. There are no restrooms, though, so be warned.

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