#75: Universal Studios

As a surprise bonus to celebrate Will’s discharge from Sandhill, we decided to splurge on a family vacation to Universal Studios Hollywood. We kept the kids in complete darkness about our plans until the last possible second. They finally figured it out as we were pulling up the hill to our hotel, which was right next door to the park!

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

Our strategy for this trip was to spend just one perfect day in the park. To that end, we spent some extra money for the VIP Experience™. This was probably the best money we have ever spent on a theme park – there was an extended backlot tour (including a visit to the prop warehouse and walking through some sets from shows we watch), a guided walk through the park, a really great lunch buffet with lots of costumed characters hanging around, and the ability to use the VIP line on every single ride and attraction in the place.

We had a fabulous time, despite the 95° heat and the huge crowds (it was a holiday weekend). Dracula threatened to eat the kids; Lucy sat in Queen Ravenna’s throne from Snow White and the Huntsman; Will was called onto stage for the animal show; both kids rode the quidditch ride at least 6 times in a row; and we all experienced the same Jaws ride that Becky went on as a kid!

We can’t recommend the VIP passes highly enough. If you have limited time at a park, you don’t want to spend most of it waiting in lines. It’s not cheap, but we felt it was worth it.

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