#47: Get a New Dog


Pugs are a very social breed of dog, so when we lost Scout earlier this year, it was no surprise that Hank started acting kind of depressed and lonely. We knew we needed to be a two-dog family again.

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So Becky went on a dog search. She looked high and low for pug puppies that were old enough (but not too old) and within a two-day drive of us, and came up nearly empty. She did, however, find a French bulldog that was 8 months old (from a pug breeder), house trained, and up for adoption nearby.

This is Parker, our little cartoon drawing of a dog. When Becky brought her home, it was as though Parker said “this is where I live? AWESOME. Oh, that’s where the dog door is, cool, and the bathroom is just outside, right? Oh, this this my NEW BEST FRIEND? Wait, do I get BELLY SCRATCHES TOO?!?! BEST. DAY. EVER.” And then she ran around like crazy with Hank. And then she fell asleep.

(There’s a side story about how we almost ended up with a little black pug, but it’s too long to tell here. This is Parker’s post.)

We love her dearly, and she loves us. Hank loves playing with her, but it doesn’t quite seem natural to him to snuggle with her yet. He’ll get there, we’re sure. In the meantime, she will happily initiate snuggles with him.


Silver Falls State Park

We started camping again! Silver Falls State Park had been on our list for quite a while, so when we got the chance to stay in one of the cabins there, we snapped it up.

This is part of our Oregon State Park challenge! Check out our progress here.

You can’t stay here and not do the Trail of Ten Falls. So we did. It’s about 8 miles round trip, and you walk past, around, under and/or behind at least ten scenic waterfalls along the way. This was Lucy’s longest hike ever, and she loved it, even though it rained on us the entire way.

The next day, we stopped in at the Gardner House B&B for some afternoon tea (one of our favorite traditions) and some great stories from the proprietor, whose father was an astronaut!

This is a truly lovely park, with some nice little towns ready to explore in the surrounding area. It’s definitely worth a stop, we loved it.

#34: Children’s Theater Show – La Belle

Most of the theater-related items on our list each year are just for us grownups, but we like to reserve one spot for a kid-friendly show. This year it was La Belle: Lost in the World of the Automaton at the Imago Theater.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

This was long and late for a kids’ show, and in fact out of 50 or so people in the audience, there were maybe 8 kids, but it was pitch perfect for Lucy. There was intricate stagecraft, puppets of several kinds, clockwork machines, stories within stories all referencing each other, and lots of whimsy.

We loved the show, and it was performed brilliantly. If you’re in town and have kids, definitely check this theater out, they’re doing some great work.

#52: Kids Cook an Easter Feast

Lucy writes in a question-a-day journal, and a while back the question of the day was “what can you do that most people don’t think you can do?” Her answer was “cook an entire meal for my family.” We asked if she wanted an opportunity to do that, and she looked a bit nervous, but said yes.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

Her first meal was fairly simple: chips and fresh guacamole, tomato soup, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. It was delicious. Emboldened by this early success, she decided to take on an entire easter feast. She chose her recipes from Danielle Walker’s Celebrations cookbook, which specializes in very fancy, very fiddly dishes for holidays and such. It was an ambitious plan, but we went shopping for ingredients, set aside all of easter day for her to cook, and recruited Will (who was in town on a visit) to help out.

The end result was stunning and delicious. Glazed ham with carrots of many colors, a spring salad, lavender lemonade, and “cloudy with a chance of carrot” cake for dessert.

It did end up taking them all day, and it was a bigger project than they had anticipated, but Lucy and Will are still proud of what they accomplished (as they should be). I don’t know if the next project will be this big, but now we know: with a bit of planning, I can take a night off from making dinner.

#68: Snow Weekend

It’s pretty rare that we get snow at home here in the lovely pacific northwest, so if we want to enjoy it, we have to make plans. So when our friends invited us along to spend a weekend up on Mount Hood for some snow sports, we couldn’t say yes fast enough.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

Day 1 was all about snowboarding. Lucy has been exactly once, but she still talks about it, so we knew she’d have a good time. It was a gorgeous day with great conditions, so the parking lots at Mount Hood Meadows were completely packed, but we managed to get up there and rendezvous with our hosts. Lucy enrolled in a class for right after lunch, and took some very nervous warmup runs down the practice slope.

After her lesson she was a completely different rider. We took the Buttercup lift up several times, and even though she kept falling, she also kept getting up. Even after I told her it was time for the day to be over, she insisted on making it to the bottom of her last run on her board. I was really proud.

Becky is decidedly not a snow-sports person. She spent this day in the Welches library, soaking up some alone time.

For our second day, we drove out to White River West Sno-Park to have some less-structured time in the white stuff. We built forts and sledded down the slope, tried snowshoes, wandered in the woods, and built sled jumps. It was a good, relaxing time with good company, and we highly enjoyed it. We highly recommend spending time in the snow with friends, if you can find snow and/or friends.