Umpqua Lighthouse State Park

This is part of our Oregon State Park challenge! Check out our progress here.

Another park, another yurt!


The “deluxe” yurts reserve very quickly, so if you’ve never seen the inside of one, here’s what it looks like. There’s a fridge, a sink, a microwave, and a bathroom.


We arrived pretty late, but the next morning we got out and explored a bit. The campground is situated just above Lake Marie, and there’s a trail that goes all the way around.


Lucy almost immediately got busy building a fairy house. Will helped off and on.


This is Will’s very first Choose Your Own Adventure! He loved it, and as soon as he was done, Lucy grabbed it too.


Becky and I were working on our respective books, and Will and Lucy both had crafts to do. We try to have outdoorsy supplies on hand for these trips, things that (if they got left behind) wouldn’t be missed, or considered litter. This time it was a bunch of brightly-colored popsicle sticks.


We made it a point to circumnavigate the lake in both directions.


Kids like fire. We’ve been (nervously) giving them a bit more freedom with it, while still being around to coach them.


We went into Reedsport for a day as well. We grabbed lunch at a cozy little crab shack, and visited the Discovery Center, which was… Let’s just say there were Rumpies.


On day three, it was warm enough to go swimming in the lake.


One night, we had a campfire song party with lots of dancing. We trotted out all the old classics. Our yurt was right at the entrance to the yurt village, so we got to see the reactions from all the people walking by. Will and Lucy loved it.


It was a great camping trip, our best one so far. The deluxe yurt helps a lot, we were never uncomfortable, and having a fridge let us pre-cook most of our meals before we even left home.

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