October Misc Round-Up

While we were in the great midwest, the kids and the whole Salem crew took part in the Discover Pink Walk in Salem.

boc-0001 boc-0002

We recently became a one-car family, and we’re still getting used to it. One day, I had to take the kids on the bus to get the car from Becky.


The kids’ school has a Diwali celebration every year, including outfits, decorations, dancing, and a party. This year there was even henna! Becky put in some volunteer hours by photographing the festivities.

boc-0004 boc-0005 boc-0006 boc-0007 boc-0008 boc-0009

Will’s been exchanging love letters with Becky over email.


His class had a field trip to the Newell House, and were encouraged to dress up!

boc-0011 boc-0012

Lucy’s teeth have been falling out. “Now I don’t have any artichoke teeth!”


October isn’t really complete without pumpkins.


Lucy’s class visited the World Forestry Center, which is pretty cool if you haven’t been there. Actually, it’s still pretty cool even if you have been there.

boc-0015 boc-0016

While Becky was out (see below), I took the kids to the animation exhibit at OMSI, and we made some cool drawings.

boc-0017 boc-0018 boc-0019

Lucy discovered the magic of green screens, and became (I think) a raspberry.


They had a rig similar to what we saw at the Color Run, so we recorded a couple of things.


Becky had her hair cut. In half.


She also got a new laptop, and a pretty skin so she can tell it from all the other silver laptops.


Becky went out to the beach house for a girls’ weekend, and included this little girl.


A couple of them wanted to go in the ocean, so they rented wetsuits.

boc-0025 boc-0026

This is how I fix a bad day.


And this is how I fix gutters.


And this is how I fix breakfast. This actually happens most days now. That’s a poached egg and flaked salmon on a bed of spinach, with blender hollandaise. And a strip of bacon.


Scout is weird. And a very messy eater.

boc-0030 boc-0031

We trucked out to Neskowin to get our beach house ready to sell. We’re a little sad about it, but it’s been draining us dry. We have our sights set firmly on Neskowin, though, and we’ll be back.


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