#28: Sunday Documentaries

We’ve discovered the joy of documentaries as adults, and we wanted to give some of that to the kids. So in concert with our Saturday movie nights, we wanted to also institute a regular schedule for educational programming.

This is part of our 100 Things in 2016 challenge. Here’s the full list.

Every Sunday we gather to watch something non-fiction. Usually this happens at home, with dinner in our theater, but occasionally we’ll go to the OMSI IMAX theater, or just watch on a laptop screen. Here’s a sampling of what we watched over the course of the year:

That last one is something special. Its hosts are young Elisha Cuthbert and Jay Baruchel, and it’s SOOOO 90s you’ll want to change your hairstyle. Lucy keeps asking for it over some of our other suggestions, so at this point our Documentary Night might as well be PMK Night. It’s a good thing there are only so many episodes.


All in all, this has been a great tradition. The kids both look forward to it as much as our fiction-movie night, and so do we. Tradition achieved.

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