#66: Food Tour

After our amazing experience in Mexico City, we decided that private food tours are our favorite thing ever, and we wanted to do all of them. So we spent two days eating our way through British Columbia!

This is part of our 100 Things in 2018 challenge. Make sure to click on the photos!

Our first day there we made two (two!) meal reservations, and planned a bunch of wandering in between. We found Burdock & Co., wherein we drank coffee with whisky and ate a number of delightful things. In our wanderings through Yaletown and Gastown, we discovered a place with amazing scones and great cocktails called Catch 122. We followed up with a multi-course dinner at Wildebeest, which was simply amazing.

On our second day, we booked an Airbnb Experience™. Alexandra Lam was our host, and she did a fantastic job showing us Vancouver. There was the best donut Becky has ever eaten (ever!), perfect scones,, French pastries, brick-shaped sushi, Montreal bagels, a gallon of maple syrup, and so much more. It was 5 of the best hours we’ve ever spent.

While not strictly part of an organized tour, we managed to eat our way through a good part of British Columbia. We found a lovely dinner in Squamish, an honest-to-goodness sugar shack, and the entire town of Kelowna was just lousy with good eats, but we specifically want to call out Salt & Brick as being a place for you if you love food as much as we do.

There are some trips where our mantra is “make every meal count,” and this is one of them. We think we succeeded. (Who are we kidding, we always try to make every meal count.)

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